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Why Choose Camp Wyoming?

By Stacie Hoppman March 10, 2014

From soccer practice to dance lessons, play rehearsal and band recitals, cross country competitions and play dates with friends, your schedule can often be hectic and filled with movement. They are so many things for your child to be involved in, and it’s hard to decide when enough is enough. So on top of the sports and music lessons and school clubs and intramurals, why choose Camp Wyoming this summer?


  1. Camp is a place to retreat. So many things are calling for your kids’ attention each day. Texting, Facebook, Snap Chat, video games, television, Facetime—all these things keep your child plugged in and constantly “on.” Add that to hours in a classroom, homework, and extracurricular activities, and there is hardly ever a moment for them to just be present and be still. At camp, kids are active and moving, but the absence of technology and the pressure to meet deadlines or maintain a rigid schedule teaches them to enjoy living in the moment and frees them up to explore, imagine, and engage. They have time to lie in the grass and just stare at the stars. They have time to sit around a campfire and sings songs with their friends, laugh together as they kayak across the pond, and crawl through a cave without caring about getting to that next place, meeting that next deadline, or gearing up for that next event. Camp is all about retreat and living in the moment right now.IMG_6156
  2. Camp is a place to live and apply your faith. Small group Bible studies allow for individual attention for each participant and the natural, camp environment provides a setting for kids to worship in new, exciting, and different ways. Faith becomes an active part of each camp activity, and kids learn practical ways to demonstrate and activate faith even after the week at camp has ended. Instead of being relegated to a Sunday morning or Wednesday night program, God is seen as a constant presence, someone who loves us, cares about us, and engages with us every moment. This daily interaction teaches kids to view their faith as a relevant part of their lives.IMG_8953
  3. Camp Wyoming is a local camp that has been active for generations. You don’t have to load your kid on a bus and drive 7 hours to get here (unless, of course, you’re not from this part of the Midwest). Kids come back year after year because they love Camp Wyoming, and those same kids grow up and send their own children. The kids who come here discover the beauty of the natural world that exists around them, right here in the Midwest. They meet other kids from nearby cities and towns, and they develop friendships that often last long after their camping days are over.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us at Camp Wyoming this summer. We can’t wait to see you!