Wild Wednesday

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Wild Wednesday

Today has been a rainy day but don’t worry we have still had so much fun! Here’s what our campers did today:


This afternoon we added a new group to our camp! Our Explorers got the week started in the pool and doing sling shots!


Today, Discovery did creek stomping, arts and crafts and have a cookout for dinner!


The Pioneers did kayaking, arts and crafts and have a cookout for dinner!

Music, Arts and Drama

The MAD campers have quite the day by starting off with a paint class. They got to paint abstract landscapes along with doing archery!

Night Owls

As the sun started rising this morning, our Night Owls were finally going to bed! When they woke up this afternoon they had a cookout and got to build and launch bottle rockets.

Thrill Seekers

This morning the Thrill Seekers left for their overnight trip where they will camp out and get to hangout all together. They spent the day playing games and using our corcls as paddle boards!