Wild Wednesday

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Wild Wednesday

What a wild day we have had here at Camp Wyoming! Between the heat and a small storm, activities have kept on going! Everyone has been very flexible today with the crazy Iowa weather! Here’s what the campers did today:

Discovery A

This morning, the Discos cooled off by getting muddy in the creek! After lunch they went swimming, hung out in arts and crafts all before their dinner cookout!

Discovery B

Before this group headed to the creek this morning, they spent some time down at Frog Pond in the corcls! After lunch they went swimming and built and launched their rockets.

Lewis Pioneer

Lewis went on an adventure to Horsetheif cave this morning! They got to explore the cave and have a bible study! After lunch they did a little bit of super soakers before the rain, did some arts and crafts and went swimming!

Clark Pioneer

This morning Clark built and launched bottle rockets and had their bible study! After lunch they did arts and crafts, slide down the slip n’ slide and went swimming!

Music, Arts and Drama

MAD camp had a morning full of fun! They got to do a painting class where they were able to do some dot paintings on rocks! This afternoon they were able to get in a little bit of archery before the rain! After the rain passed they had bible study and went swimming!


In the heat of the morning, the Middlers were able to go cool off inside Werden’s cave! They were able to explore and of course get muddy! When they returned to camp, they went swimming, did a little arts and crafts and play kayak polo at Frog Pond!

Night Owls

The Night Owls woke up today at 2 p.m.! After their light cookout they had a bible study and built and launched rockets!

Extreme Adventure

Extreme Adventure spent the day rock climbing, hiking and go swimming! Everyone is very excited for them to return back to camp tomorrow!