Wild Wednesday!

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Wild Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone! It was not as hot but just as busy, let’s see what our campers did today!


The Discovery campers had a cookout lunch today before building rockets and launching them off at PJ Meadow! They also cooled off with some swimming!

Pirates 🏴‍☠️

The pirates built boats and raced against each other in the pool! They followed that by walking the plank then paddling around in Frog Pond on Corcls!

Lewis Pioneer 🧭

The Lewis Pioneers visited Frog Pond this morning for some Corcling and Kayaking and cooled off in the pool! They then rested up before packing up and moving out to PJ Meadow to have their overnight out there! They also had a dinner cookout!

Clark Pioneer ⛺️

Clark Pioneer traveled far today as they ventured out to Horsethief Cave! They then also packed up and moved out to PJ Meadow to prepare for their overnight and topped it off with a cookout dinner!

Middlers 🌸

The Middlers started the day off strong with launching rockets before mellowing out on a tubing trip down the Maquoketa Rive for most of the afternoon!

Night Owls 🦉

Last night was the Night Owls latests as they stayed up until 6am! To keep themselves awake they had a cookout dinner and did arts and crafts! Today they woke up at 2pm and had a breakfast cookout before chilling in the pool!

Water Adventures 🌊

We didn’t see much of Water Adventures today as they left right after bible study this morning to go to Lost Island Water Park and were gone until dinner!

High School Night Owls 🌙

Our High School Night Owls stayed up until 6am and saw the sunrise after making some fun crafts and having their dinner cookout! Today they woke up at 2pm to make breakfast before having bible study and swimming!