Wild Wednesday!

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Wild Wednesday!

Explorer 🍁

Our 2nd group of Explorer’s arrived today and they went swimming after checking in and playing name games! Tonight they will play their first Color Wars game!


Discovery campers had a Cookout lunch today and after some much needed rest time went swimming and Creek Stomping where they got VERY muddy!

Sports I ⚽️

Sports I campers traveled all across site today as they started their morning hiking to Horsethief Cave, then launched rockets at PJ Meadow, followed by Human Foosball and Water Basketball!

Pioneers 🧭

Pioneers started their day by floating around on Frog Pond and getting a visit from Snappy the Snapping Turtle! They later. went swimming before packing up and heading to PJ Meadow to set up their camp for their overnight at PJ!


The MAD Campers got to stretch their artistic and agile abilities by going to Archery first thing in the morning and following that with a painting class! After lunch they went swimming and sh0t some rocks at Sling Shots!

Middlers 🌸

The Middlers became rocket scientists as they built and launched rockets today! Later they stretched their athletic muscles in a game of Human Foosball and Kayak Polo!

Thrill Seekers 🎢

We hardly saw the Thrill Seekers today as they packed up and headed out Central Park for an overnight trip of Corcling, swimming, playing games, and having a cookout! Before they left they played an intense game of Kayak Polo!

Mission Camp ✝️

Mission Campers were once again very busy yesterday as they helped with transitional housing for victims of domestic abuse, partner with the Feed My People organization or doing more yard work! They took some time to play volleyball and nine square inbetween all that as well!