Winding Down

by on July 24,2015 in Daily Updates with No Comments

It’s our last full day of camp. We’re starting to come to grips with the fact that we will soon have to say good-bye to all of the new friends we made this week. However, that didn’t keep us from having fun today! Here’s what we were doing:

MAD I Honey Combs
The Honey Combs cooked out breakfast this morning. They had Bible study in the morning and of course, rehearsal time! This afternoon, they went creek stomping, swimming, and performed a dress rehearsal of Willy Wonka for the whole camp!

MAD I Jujubes
This group did archery this morning and had play practice. In the afternoon, the went swimming, creek stomping, and performed a dress rehearsal of Willy Wonka for the whole camp!

Pioneer Lewis
The Lewis Pioneers did arts & crafts this morning and then broke out the SuperSoakers and slip ‘n slide. In the afternoon, they went swimming, did archery, and had Bible study.

Pioneer Clark
The Clark Pioneers went creek stomping this morning. They loved getting absolutely covered in mud! This afternoon, they went swimming, had Bible study, and did archery.

Today was the last day of rehearsals before this group performed their show for the whole camp this evening. In between play practice, they also went kayaking, did creek stomping, and went swimming.

Thrill Seeekers
The Thrillers returned from a successful overnight trip down the Maquoketa River this morning. When they got back, they did Bible study at the labyrinth and did arts & crafts. This afternoon, they went swimming and played with the slip ‘n slide and SuperSoakers.

High School Night Owls
This group woke up just in time to see the Willy Wonka performance this afternoon. After Christwalk tonight, they’re going to play games, cook out for lunch, do Bible study, and decorate Deer Center for the traditional Saturday morning Night Owl themed breakfast.