Worship Is...

by on August 1,2012 in Growing Faith with No Comments

Explore the idea of worship for a moment.  Is it music?  Is it singing?  Is it saying the right words and praying the right prayers?  Or is it bigger than that?

Worship is a way of living; a way of proclaiming to the world that Jesus Christ is Lord; a way of saying to God, “I love you.  I’m here because of You.  I want to know you more.”  It’s more than singing songs in church on Sunday or strumming a guitar.  Worship can be anything you do and anything you say, and you can worship anywhere you are.  Worship by dancing.  Worship by preparing dinner.  Worship by cleaning up after someone else’s mess.  Worship by playing a game, writing a story, helping a friend.  All of these things can be an act of worship if you do them to give glory to God.

So how will you worship today?  And will you pursue a life of worship?  God loves it when we worship and God is waiting to meet us there when we do.