A group of people at a summer camp in Iowa posing for a photo.

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Current Job Openings

There’s no other job quite as fulfilling, quite as challenging, quite as exciting, or quite as awesome as working at camp. Camp is more than just a place or a destination. It’s a home and a community, and it’s the people who make it such an amazing place to be. Our dedicated staff and volunteers are the foundation that supports our work and ministry. They bring passion, dedication, creativity, joy, and laughter, and we appreciate and love each and every one of them.

We strive to be a place of authenticity and welcome for all who come through the gate at Camp Bear Creek, and it takes an amazing group of people to make that happen. From summer camp counselors to maintenance staff, from cooks to directors, each member of our staff and volunteers has a strong and personal connection to our mission and a dedication to each and every camper and guest who visits our site.

We invite you to consider your own skills and giftings. Come be a part of the life-changing, life-giving work that we do here at Camp Bear Creek. Check out our current job openings and ask yourself whether you’d like to be part of a team that provides rest, rejuvenation, adventure, and growth every day. Escape the ordinary and step into something impossibly, wonderfully, and astoundingly meaningful.