Bird Unit

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Bird Unit

Bird Cabin Unit is a perfect spot for children and youth.  Bird unit has 4 heated cabins and a central lodge.  Each cabin has 8 bunk beds.  The total maximum capacity for each cabin unit is 64 people. The central lodge has a full kitchen, a reasonable meeting space, a fireplace, and two bathrooms with showers. Each lodge also has a TV and DVD player. To view information and pictures of Bird Unit on a larger page, click here.

Check In Time: 3pm

Check Out Time: 12pm


  • One night stay: $30/person
  • Staying for two or more nights: $25/person/night
  • Minimum of 20 people required; maximum of 64 people

One of four Bird Unit Cabins


Inside the cabin

Whippoorwill Lodge

Inside Whippoorwill Lodge

Whippoorwill Kitchen