Apply for Summer Staff

Apply for Summer Staff

Thank you for your interest in joining the Camp Wyoming staff this summer! Summer camp is a challenging, rewarding, and exciting experience. While this is a job, and you will do normal job-related things like developing schedules, cleaning, and providing customer service, it is also a ministry. As a part of the ministry at Camp Wyoming, you will care for children, lead activities, songs, and Bible studies, and interact with a community of people that shares, builds up, and strengthens one another. We are looking for individuals who want to join this ministry, share our vision, and serve others.

If you are looking for information on applying to Camp Wyoming, you can view the Frequently Asked Questions below, the summer staff job descriptions, and the salary schedule here on the website.

If you are ready to apply, please follow the steps below.

  1. First, you must submit your application. You can do so by clicking the button below and filling out the application online. Otherwise, you may download our Summer Staff Application Packet and send the form in by mail. Please know that we began filling summer staff positions in October, so you should apply as soon as possible. If you apply online, you must create an account. If you are under 18 years of age, you will need a parent or guardian to create the account for you. If you are applying for the Media Intern position, you must also fill out the Media Intern Questionnaire.
  2. Choose three people to serve as references on your behalf. At least one reference should be familiar with your faith. Relatives or peers may not serve as references. Ask each of these people to fill out and submit a reference form for you. You can download the form to give to these individuals, or you may email them the following link to an online reference form:
  3. Please pay attention to your email, as further communication regarding the application and interview process will be sent to you via email.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Director of Programs and Marketing, Stacie Hoppman, at the Camp office at 563-488-3893 or by email at Thank you again for your interest in joining our team!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What positions are available and how much will I get paid?

We are looking for qualified individuals to serve as Unit Directors (2), Leadership Development Coordinators (2), Cabin Counselors (18), Media Intern (1), Arts & Crafts Instructor (1), and Program/Kitchen Assistants (3). Click here to view job descriptions for each of these positions. You can also view the summer staff salary schedule.

Where is Camp Wyoming located and what is it like?

Located in the Mississippi River Valley of East Central Iowa, Camp Wyoming sits on 400 acres within a larger hardwood forest area. Bear Creek meanders through the site; Frog Pond is a watering hole for deer, turkeys, raccoons, and other wildlife and is used for water activities such as kayaking and canoeing. The Swinging Bridge, steep bluffs, and caves add excitement to this special place. Facilities include cabins, lodges, tree houses, platform tents, a campground, and a large central dining hall where meals are served family-style. Camp Wyoming also has lots of hiking trails and a swimming pool. Camp is located just four miles outside of Wyoming, Iowa in Jones County, Iowa. View our Interactive Map to see more!

What are the dates of employment?

Contract dates for staff members are from May 20th through August 4th with additional options for employment after the end of the summer season in August. Staff receive extended time off in the middle of the summer from June 30th to July 6th.

What is the summer program like?

Camp Wyoming is committed to a Christ-centered summer program that is organized, safe, educational, and fun. The summer includes twelve days of staff training (May 20-31), eight weeks of programming, and one week of break/time off. Campers range in age from 5 to 17 years of age, including two weeks of a specialty camp: TTT (pronounced Tri-T) which is a non-religious camp for underprivileged girls in 4th grade. Counselors work in a variety of large group and small group settings with different age groups. Bible studies, evening discussions, and group building activities are conducted in small groups for all regular camps. Large group activities include campfires, worship, group games, swimming, and evening programs. Check out what a Typical Day of Camp might look like.

Why should I work for Camp Wyoming this summer?

We are looking for people who want to make a difference this summer. We aren’t going to lie, being a camp counselor is incredibly hard work. You are responsible for the care of each of the kids entrusted to you, and that means making sure they eat and shower and brush their teeth and wear socks with their shoes. It means sitting up with them at night when they’re scared of the dark. It also means teaching them how to paddle a kayak,catching them when they fall off the trust fall, and answering their questions about Jesus in Bible study. It means making slumgullion over the fire (you’re going to love it), dancing to grooveship worship, and singing by candlelight beneath the stars. Being a camp counselor is exhausting and messy and difficult and wonderful and the most rewarding thing you could possibly do with your summer.

Can I have extended time off during the summer?

It is Camp Wyoming’s policy to have the staff work the entire summer with no extended personal leave. Of course, we do recognize that certain circumstances may arise such as family emergencies, college orientation, and weddings. We will work with each staff member on an individual basis if and when the situations occur. Every staff member will have extended time off from June 30th to July 6th.

What is time off like?

During a normal week, campers will arrive on Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm and they’ll stay until Friday afternoon at 3:00pm. Staff have to arrive on Sundays (depending on your position) between 12:00pm and 1:00pm for meetings and prep time before the week begins. On Friday, after the kids leave, the entire staff works together to clean the camp and prepare the site for the next round of campers. We have a short meeting, and then we close in prayer. Our goal is always to finish on Fridays by 6:00pm. This gives you Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning off. In addition to that, during the week (Monday-Thursday), each staff member gets two hours off per day.