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Did you know that just two hours outside can have a significant impact on improving mental health and reducing anxiety and depression? Sunlight helps raise vitamin D levels. Fresh air can provide relief from pollutants and help you breathe easier. The natural world around us can be a mental and emotional refuge from the constant demands of our everyday life.

We invite you to escape the ordinary. Trade your schedules and busyness for wind whispering through the trees and stars dancing across the night sky. Exchange your streaming subscriptions for conversations around the campfire. Find peace in a kayak on the pond. Laugh together over a meal shared at the table. Hike our trails, take a deep breath, and let the awe of the world inspire you.

No matter what your group is seeking, you can find a place of retreat and sanctuary right here amidst the wooded acres of Camp Bear Creek. Family reunions, youth group gatherings, church retreats, staff outings, school trips…no matter what your group is looking for, we have something to offer at Camp Bear Creek. Choose from a range of accommodations, activities, and meal selections based on the needs and desires of your group. Come for a week, a weekend, or a getaway. Re-connect with the world around you and with each other and let Camp Bear Creek be your host!