Children and Youth Today

Children and Youth Today

Children and youth today are different. More than any generation before, today’s young people are saturated with information-from their television sets, computer screens, phones, and tablets. Everything is digital, disposable, and available at their fingertips.  They learn and experience the world in a way completely different from any previous generation.

Youth boys at Camp Wyoming in Jones County, Iowa

Children and youth today are spiritually thirsty. The young people of your community desire a meaningful relationship with God.  However, the current generation of young people is the least-churched generation this country has ever seen.  As the divorce rate climbs and family structures become less stable, as the pressures of the fast-paced world we live in become heavier, and as our children and youth try to determine what their role is in this ever-changing culture, they need to know that there is a God who loves them deeply and completely.

Children at Camp Wyoming in Jones County, Iowa

Churches need to intentionally meet children and youth where they are. As the culture, challenges, and systems surrounding today’s young people change, the Church needs to change as well: not the message, but the way it is presented and communicated. Next Step Consulting is here to help you express the dynamics of faith in the language of today’s culture.