Each summer, our camp curriculum helps campers to focus on worship, study the Bible, and dive into faith conversations with their peers. It is designed for their specific age group and makes the Bible interactive, relatable, and fun! This summer, campers will ask questions and reach beyond what they have previously known, thought, imagined, and understood about God. It will be a journey of discovery as they not only learn more about who God is, but also who they are.

On Monday, campers will ask the question, “What if God is bigger?” They’ll throw out everything they know about the world and try to see things through the eyes of God. What does God look like? Smell like? Act like? Does God have limits? Does God see things the way that I do? Does God see me? We’ll look at some stories of pretty amazing events from the Bible and note how God is working in our lives, whether we can see God or not.

On Tuesday, campers will ask, “What if I belong to God?” Now that we know how big God is, what does that mean for us? We’ll explore ideas of everlasting love and purpose, studying God’s creation around us to identify God’s intent and design. Finally, we’ll look at our own lives. Did God create us for a purpose? Can we ever stray from the love of God? In a world of social media and sharing and constant connection, what does it mean to be intimately known and loved for who we are?

On Wednesday, campers will ask, “What if faith is enough?” Our big and wonderful God designed us for a purpose, but sometimes we miss the mark. Everyone will tell us how we can be made right, but Jesus gives us the simple answer of faith. Campers will look at what it means to truly trust or have faith by exploring Bible stories and acting out scenarios with friends. We’ll study what we’ve learned so far about God as we ask ourselves who we have trust in? What does it mean to believe? How has God shown his great love for me?

On Thursday, campers will start to look outward, asking themselves, “What if I speak up?” We’ll ponder the excuses that we sometimes use to keep quiet when we could speak up about our faith. What are all the ways that we communicate and stay connected? Which methods might be best for sharing all that we know and have learned? Who can we share with? Campers will encourage each other to speak up, and learn that even if they don’t know everything about God, they can still share what they do know and trust God to help them with the rest.

On Friday, as they prepare to head for home, campers will ask one final question: “What if we change the world?” Today, we will ask questions about justice and standing up for what is right. God cares about the whole person, and we’ll ponder how the world might change when we express God’s love through fighting for justice. We’ll end our time together with a prayer that God might change the world through us.