Each summer, our camp curriculum helps campers to focus on worship, study the Bible, and dive into faith conversations with their peers. It is designed for their specific age group and makes the Bible interactive, relatable, and fun! This summer, campers will study the fruits of the Spirit and learn tools they can use to grow these traits in their own lives.

On Monday, campers will learn what it means to be have a relationship with Jesus, which is the first step in growing the fruit of the Spirit. They talk about Jesus’ vine and branches metaphor and learn that in order to produce fruit, they have to be a branch that is connected to Jesus. They will also talk about how the fruit of the spirit is not a checklist to be accomplished, but rather traits that the Holy Spirit will produce in them as they grow in their relationship with Jesus.

On Tuesday, campers will talk about love and joy. They will learn about God’s love for them and how that loves overflows into their relationships with others. They will learn what it means to have joy in all circumstances. They will also learn about worship, a tool that the Holy Spirit gives them which can help them express their love and joy to God.

On Wednesday, campers will learn about peace and patience. They will talk about how God’s peace can fill us up when we are anxious and worried. They will practice mindfulness to center themselves on God’s peace. They will also learn that God’s timing is different than their own, and it’s important to be patient and trust in God. Finally, they will learn the tool of pray and thankfulness that they can use when they are worried or impatient.

On Thursday, campers will learn about faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. They will start by studying God and come to understand that these traits come from God. They will look at Scripture as a tool to help them grow faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control and rejoice in the gift of the Bible.

On Friday, as they prepare to head for home, campers will learn about kindness and goodness. They will realize that these traits are more than just doing the right thing. Kindness and goodness are character traits to clothe themselves in and a way of life. They will learn about the tool of service and make plans for deeds they can do after they leave camp.