Summer Staff Application

Working at camp is exhausting and messy and difficult and wonderful and the most rewarding thing you could possibly do with your summer. While this is a job, and you will do normal job-related things like developing schedules, cleaning, and providing customer service, it is also a ministry. As a part of the ministry at Camp Wyoming, you will care for children, lead activities, songs, and Bible studies, and interact with a community of people that shares, builds up, and strengthens one another.

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We aren’t going to lie, being being part of a summer camp staff is incredibly hard work. You are responsible for the care of each of the kids entrusted to you, and that means making sure they eat and shower and brush their teeth and wear socks with their shoes. It means sitting up with them at night when they’re scared of the dark. It also means teaching them how to paddle a kayak, knocking them over in bubble soccer, catching them when they fall off the trust fall, and answering their questions about Jesus in Bible study. It means making slumgullion over the fire (you’re going to love it), dancing to grooveship worship, and singing by candlelight beneath the stars. It means picking up a kid when they fall in the dirt, giving them a high five when they finally hit the bull’s eye in archery, and letting them cover you in mud in the creek.

Because all of our staff have the chance to lead a variety of activities in addition to counseling, working at Camp Wyoming gives you a wide range of experiences, skills, and opportunities. You are not limited to one type of care, age, or activity. We are also willing to work with you to ensure that this job can be used for internship or practicum credit for all applicable majors (think education, public health, recreation, leisure and youth services, counseling, wellness, and a host of other programs). However, any student pursuing any degree can find value in a summer camp experience. Camp gives you a chance to be a leader and advance into leadership roles, to engage in daily problem solving, to plan schedules, teach curriculum, and work as part of a team that includes staff from across the US and even other parts of the world. These soft skills are necessary in almost any workplace.

We are a small team, but after just a few days, we will feel like family. We work hard here, but we play hard too. Some of the best people that you’ll ever meet will be right here at summer camp, because these are the people who will see you when you’re sweaty and muddy and haven’t showered in 3 days. This is the place where you can be authentic and where you can know that you are making a difference every single day that you are here. It takes so much work and energy, but it is worth everything that you have to give.