The Way Children Play

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The Way Children Play

As a kid, I (Stacie) would often sit and listen as my parents fondly recalled memories of playing outside—heading out right after breakfast to roam the neighborhood and not come home again until the street lights came on at night. To hear them describe it, it seemed that every kid in the neighborhood came outdoors... read more

Day Two

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Today was the second day of our last week of camp!  Everyone has been enjoying the slightly cooler weather and stayed active with lots of activities throughout the day.  Here are a few of the things we did: The Explorer campers went swimming and had fun on the slip and slide this afternoon. The Discovery... read more

So Far At Camp

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It’s been a hot week here at camp, but everyone has been staying hydrated, spending lots of time in the water, and even taking breaks from the heat in some of our air-conditioned facilities.  Here are some of the other things we’ve been doing: The Explorer Swim campers arrived this morning and had swimming lessons... read more

Horsethief Cave

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Horsethief Cave

Almost every camper who visits Camp Wyoming takes the hike out past P.J. meadow, past the labyrinth, through Cedar Point, and over the Swinging Bridge to Horsethief Cave.  It’s a cave filled with legends and stories that are told and shared each time the cave is visited.  Many groups have Bible studies in the cave... read more

What We're Up To...

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Today brought us some fantastic weather and some great time to spend with friends at camp.  Here are just a few things we’ve been up to today: The Explorers hiked to Horsethief Cave this morning and had swimming lessons. The Discovery campers went kayaking and played water games in the afternoon with their friends in... read more