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Top 10 Ways to Tell If You're a "Camp Person"

by Stacie Hoppman on March 10,2015 in Camp Talk Summer Camp with No Comments

Top 10 Ways to Tell If You're a

Maybe you come to camp every summer. Or maybe it’s been years since you’ve set foot at a camp. Either way, once you become a “camp person,” you never stop being one, no matter how old you get or how far away from camp you move. Here are the top 10 ways to tell if... read more

Letters From Camp

by Stacie Hoppman on February 12,2015 in Camp Talk Parents Summer Camp with No Comments

Letters From Camp

Every parent hopes to get a letter from their child while they are away at camp. You hope to hear about all the new friends they’ve made, the activities they got to do, and the new foods they tried. Perhaps the most famous “letter from camp” is Allan Sherman’s Camp Granada. It’s the letter every... read more

The Way Children Play

by Stacie Hoppman on January 27,2015 in Camp Talk Parents with No Comments

The Way Children Play

As a kid, I (Stacie) would often sit and listen as my parents fondly recalled memories of playing outside—heading out right after breakfast to roam the neighborhood and not come home again until the street lights came on at night. To hear them describe it, it seemed that every kid in the neighborhood came outdoors... read more