What We're Up To...

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Today brought us some fantastic weather and some great time to spend with friends at camp.  Here are just a few things we’ve been up to today: The Explorers hiked to Horsethief Cave this morning and had swimming lessons. The Discovery campers went kayaking and played water games in the afternoon with their friends in... read more

On This Day

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Even though it’s raining and a little dreary outside, that hasn’t kept all of the campers here from jumping right in to a wide variety of activities.  Here are just a few things happening at camp today: The Explorers made bead lizards in Arts and Crafts. The Discovery Campers played 9-Square this morning and are... read more


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One of the unique things about Camp Wyoming is our special Christwalk service.  At the end of every week, campers set out on a journey where they meet characters from the Bible who have had an encounter with Jesus.  These characters are performed by staff members who have read about and researched a specific person... read more


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Popular author Gary Thomas’s book Sacred Pathways explores the idea that maybe all of us worship and connect with God in different ways.  “Within the Christian faith there are many different and acceptable ways of demonstrating our love for God. Our temperaments will cause us to be more comfortable in some of these expressions than... read more

Summer Staff

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Summer Staff

Being a camp counselor is a rewarding experience.  However, it’s also not the easiest of jobs.  At Camp Wyoming, we applaud the young adults who choose to spend their summers living in tents, singing camp songs, and cheering on their campers.  It’s certainly not a job for the faint of heart, and it takes commitment,... read more