Who We Are


Camp Bear Creek is a Christian summer camp and year-round retreat center located in Jones County, Iowa. Here, we believe the natural world of God’s creation is the best classroom, that summer days should be spent exploring, growth and friendship come with the territory, and there’s a magic in the moment the fireflies come out at dusk. No matter how you celebrate it, your faith has a place here.

Aerial view of a forest at sunrise.

Our Mission & Values

We serve Christ by providing a place of sanctuary and inspiration.

Grow Your Faith

Above all else, we strive for adventure that will become a formative faith experience. Everything that we do at Camp Bear Creek is rooted in strong Christian values where we love God, love others, and love ourselves.

Be Authentic

At Camp Bear Creek, we value who we are, just as we are. Here, we foster growth and self-improvement while remaining true to ourselves and who God made us to be. The relationships and community we form at Camp Bear Creek reflect our willingness to be authentic with ourselves and with each other.

Connect with Nature

By sharing our setting with campers, guests, and staff, we can be empowered by the grandness of nature, together. Positive change is born from quiet reflection, making our woods not only beautiful but also inspiring.

Live in the Moment

Camp forces us to grow as people—to make decisions, build relationships, and learn about Christ. Through our programs and worship spaces, adventure and exploration become even stronger, resulting in the development of new skills, creativity, and greater self-confidence. It’s no secret that things are happening without you at home. But, there’s no reason to be engulfed by the fear of missing out when what you’re doing is infinitely cooler. This is why we are committed to living in the moment at Camp Bear Creek. This summer, let’s not just think or read about it—let’s live it. 

Pursue Excellence

At Camp Bear Creek, we know that it’s our duty to recognize the interconnectivity of all things whether that relationship be people to the planet, people to wildlife, or people to each other. By taking care of our resources well, we can make sure that we are providing the very best facilities, experiences, and opportunities for our campers and guests.

Our History

Since 1960, Camp Bear Creek, formerly Camp Wyoming, has helped tens of thousands of children, youth, adults, and families grow into better versions of themselves. Originally built by Presbyterian Churches as a place to nourish a life of faith and extend the Church’s Christian Education Program beyond the congregation, our camp is now known as this and so much more. We are truly a home away from home. 

A sanctuary of forest in the midst of Iowa’s farmland, our site reminds us each day of the inspiring beauty of God’s creation. Trees tower above us, birds chirp as they flutter by, and we are left to meditate on the fact that an experience away in nature really does play a pivotal role in the spiritual and personal development of all people. Above all, Camp Bear Creek’s mission is to serve Christ by providing a place of sanctuary and inspiration.

At Camp Bear Creek, we run a variety of programs, most notably our summer camp program. Winter camps, youth retreats, and day events also add to the camp’s offerings and traditions, in addition to the site and facilities being rented to groups looking for a retreat.

A group of kids at a summer camp in Iowa are throwing orange paint at each other.

Our Dedicated Team

Our selfless staff is the glue that holds Camp Bear Creek together. Our highly-trained and energetic team strives to be fun, patient, compassionate, and responsible from the opening of camp to the bittersweet last day. From cabin counselors and kitchen staff to camp and program directors, our team’s enthusiasm is contagious, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

A girl wearing a helmet explores a cave at an Iowa summer camp.

“My oldest daughter told me, ‘Every time I come back from camp, I feel so good about myself.’  She talked about how, throughout the whole week, their focus was on how God loves her and made her the way she is. The fact that that is what she took away from camp is priceless.”

Four boys in a tent during summer camp in Iowa.

“Camp Bear Creek is a wonderful place for my boys, especially when they can experience God in the most pure and authentic setting.”

A young girl at an Iowa summer camp holding her nose underwater.

“My daughter has learned to develop skills on her own, like making friends and doing things that she might not otherwise do. Thanks so much for what Camp Bear Creek has given to my daughter!”

A young boy in Iowa is paddling a raft at summer camp.

“Before he arrived, Carter said he just wanted to play video games at camp. After one day of participating in the outdoor activities, he never wanted to leave.”

A girl on a zip line at a summer camp in Iowa.

“My daughter was getting ready to enter high school and was starting to question everything about herself. She was much more grounded when she came home.”

A group of kids at a summer camp in Iowa with mud on their hands.

“Our time spent at Camp Bear Creek means recharging the soul, slowing life down to enjoy nature, reconnecting with family, and making memories.”

Summer Camp 2024

Registration is now open!

A group of kids standing on a wooden fence at an Iowa summer camp.