Christmas Gifts for Campers

by on December 1,2015 in Camp Talk, Parents with No Comments

It’s that time of year when stores start putting out Christmas decorations, Christmas music plays on the radio, and kids begin writing up their Christmas lists. So, if you have a camper at home that just can’t wait for Christmas, consider some of these great camp gifts!

1. A Camp Wyoming hoodie – maybe during the summer, when you saw the hoodie in the camp store, all you were thinking was, “It’s too hot out for that!” But now, the weather has changed, and a hoodie sounds like the perfect thing to keep you warm! Plus, you get to promote Camp Wyoming to all of your friends while you wear it! How do you get one? Call the camp office with your size, send us $30 for the price of the hoodie and shipping, and we’ll mail it right out to you!

2. A pair of Keens (or another shoe like it). Keens are known among the camp staff to be the perfect camp shoe. They are functional, close-toed, but still open enough to let your feet breathe. You can wear them to play sports, go creek stomping in them, caving, canoeing—almost every camp activity can be done in Keens.

3. A head lamp! For the adventurous camper, a head lamp can be so much fun! It’s perfect for crawling through caves, obviously, but it’s also great for running around in the dark and keeping your hands free. You can carry your shower stuff with you without having to worry about holding a flashlight as well, play flashlight tag, or read a book. It’s the perfect camp gift.

4. A watch. At camp, no one carries their cell phones to check the time with, so we do things the old-fashioned way—by wearing watches! There are all sorts of fun varieties of watches from analog to digital, mickey mouse themed, water-proof, sparkly, whatever you want, there’s probably a watch out there for you! Plus, it ensures that you’ll never be late to dinner at camp.

5. Consider the gift of an experience instead of an item and send your camper to Wintertainment/Teen Bash. These Winter Camps take place right after Christmas (December 28-30) and are three days packed with fun indoors and outdoors. You can register your camper up until December 20th and give them a fun experience they’ll talk about for months.