A week at summer camp is an experience like no other. Thousands of adults look back on the formative years of their childhood and identify summer camp as one of the most integral experiences that helped make them who they are today. Countless successful CEO’s, actors and actresses, musicians, politicians, religious leaders, and the like attended camp as a child. Summer camp always has and continues to be a place where kids and youth can grow and learn in a cooperative environment set apart from the pace of the “real world”. At Camp Wyoming, our programs afford all participants a chance to learn more about who they are and who they want to become as they grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

We invite you to send your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend, or neighbor to camp at Camp Wyoming this year, and let them have their own adventure that will become a formative faith experience for their entire life.

At Camp You Will

  • Be in a safe, nurturing place to overcome challenges and to experience new things
  • Gain a sense of independence and self-worth
  • Explore faith forming topics and Bible studies that strengthen and deepen participants’ relationship with God
  • Participate in a small group that provides meaningful, individual attention for each participant
  • Learn team values and recapture a sense of imagination and adventure in a wide variety of dynamic, age-appropriate activities
  • Experience a variety of worship settings and practices that allow participants to encounter Christ on a daily basis
  • Reconnect with the natural world of God’s creation in an environment free from cell phones, laptops, televisions, and video games
  • Move, explore, and engage in a physically active way that isn’t always possible at home or at school
  • Discover how to live and be in the outdoors through cookouts, overnight camping trips, and nature programs
  • See how faith can be lived and applied throughout the day at camp, and learn practical ways to demonstrate and live out faith even after the week at camp has ended