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Camp Wyoming Alumni: Staying Connected

By Stacie Hoppman November 9, 2015

We at Camp Wyoming would like to imagine that you will never grow up, never stop coming every summer, never move away or study abroad or chase your own adventure that takes you far from Iowa. It’s a sad fact, though, (and a good fact, too) that the kids who grow up here, coming with their parents for You & Me Camp, kayaking across the pond as Pioneers, and caring for campers as LIT and staff will eventually grow up. They’ll go to school or get jobs or move away. Some might be fortunate enough to keep coming to camp as chaperones, rental group leaders, or even parents bringing their own kids. But some might find that their opportunity and ability to return to this place is few and far between.

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Alumni of Camp Wyoming, we want you to know this first of all: whether you came for one summer or twelve, whether you live on the other side of the world or ten minutes away, we truly care for you. Does that seem weird for a camp administration to say? But it’s true. This ministry is about sacred space and growing faith. We want to use the space—the woods and caves and hills and meadows—that God has blessed us with to foster faith in the children and families who come here. This ministry has been around for 55 years, and that means that thousands of people have come through the gates of Camp Wyoming. Maybe you were a camper here during one of camp’s first summers. Maybe you were a volunteer or chaplain. Maybe you worked on staff. Whether you’ve been away for one summer or haven’t returned to this place in decades, we truly care for you.

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Know this, too: we want to stay connected. Camp Wyoming is more than just a summer camp. Because we are a ministry, and because we are in the business of life change and faith development, we think it is important to build and maintain community. Next summer, when a camper comes for the first time, they will find themselves included in traditions, celebrations, and history that our alumni have crafted and built. You are a part of the ministry of Camp Wyoming whether your time here spans years or just one week of one summer.

How can you stay connected? What can you offer to a summer camp after you’ve grown up and left behind the world of summer vacations?

1. We’ve said it before, but we will say it again: pray for us. Pray for the campers and rental groups that come here every year. Pray for our staff. Pray that God would bless and grow this ministry. Praying for camp is probably one of the most important things that you can do.

2. Volunteer. If you have the ability, come for a week during the summer. Volunteer as a counselor, a nurse, or a chaplain. If you can’t do that, join us on our Volunteer Work Day, May Madness, and help with work projects for a day.


3. Sign up for our newsletter mailing list. Find out what the camp is doing, what our needs are, and our plans for the future. To sign up, email the Camp Office at with your contact information.

4. Tell other people about camp. Even if you can’t come yourself, you might know someone who would enjoy coming to summer camp. Or you might know someone who could work on summer staff or volunteer.

5. Plan a retreat. Maybe you’re too old for summer camp, but that doesn’t mean you can bring your Bible study group to camp for a retreat or use our site for your next family reunion.


6. Give. If you believe in this ministry, if you support this camp, if camp made a difference in your life, then consider giving financially to ensure that Camp Wyoming will continue to be a place of sacred space and growing faith long into the future.